"Losing My Religion"

Cover of "Losing My Religion" by Passenger.

"Sex & Candy"

Cover of "Sex & Candy" by Allen Stone.

"Fuck With Myself"

"Fuck With Myself" by Banks

"Hurts Like Hell"

"Hurts Like Hell" by Fleurie.

"What You Do"

"What You Do" by James Gillespie


"Satisfaction" by Allen Stone.


"Bloodstream" by Ed Sheeran.

"A Lonely Night"

Cover of "A Lonely Night" by Giselle.

"Love Yourself"

Cover of "Love Yourself" by Ed Sheeran.

Ed wrote the song.

"Fuck Yourself"

Parody of "Love Yourself" by Halsey.

"Rhythm in My Soul"

"Rhythm in My Soul" by Jonny Craig.

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