Born & raised in East Harlem, NYC native Kaydough, aka Kevin Jones, graduated in 2011 from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, authenticating him to be a Certified Audio Engineer.

His goal is "to paint a picture of his life on each track worth more than 1000 words." 


"What motivates me is the fans, the people who listen to what I have to say because they get to know me. Kevin. A little more each time they do."

Inspirations: Jadakiss, Fabolous, Jay-Z, The Notorious BIG, Nas, and his local Harlem cats that'll probably never be heard.


"Live for today, because you can't change yesterday, and tomorrow's not promised."

"The hook dope, but where the bars at?"

"You can't win War with a Rat."


"My song 'Recruit' is about how I felt coming up in the hood.  I didn't choose where I was born, but it chose me."

"Made me what I am today."

- Kaydough

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