Jackson Pierce


Born & Raised in NW Indiana.  Technically an Only Child, w/ 5 Half-Siblings.  Earned Bachelors Degree from Indiana University in 2005, and relocated to Phoenix, AZ.  Spent a few years as a Professional Poker Player before spending 4 years as a Branch Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Currently in Sales & Support w/ GoDaddy.  34 & Single.  R.I.P. Dad

Focus, Passion, Positivity, Stay Positive, Eye On the Prize, Motivation, Motivational Quotes


Songwriting & Recording Music

Tournament Poker

2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

Believe, Believe In Yourself, Positivity, Faith, Positive, You Can Do Whatever You Set Your Mind To


"Remember the Demons, Not the Euphoria."

"Sometimes the Worst Days are the Best Days of Your Life."
"Don't Do Something Permanently Stupid because You're Temporarily Upset."
"Some Days You're the Pigeon,Some Days You're the Statue."

Don't Miss a Beat!