‘Hear Inside My Mind’

‘Remember the Demons, Not the Euphoria’

#1 Great Minds Think Alone

This is the first song I ever wrote or recorded.  I had a Zen-like feeling like I had done it before. Discovering my passion for music saved my life.

#2 Send Me To My Grave

This is a metaphoric song about drug addiction.  Even though 'Speed sent me to be a slave, thank god she didn't send me to my grave.'

#3 Worst Days

This is an uplifting country-rock song that reminds listeners that 'Some times the worst days are the best days of your life.'

#4 Focused

'Focused' tells the heartbreaking story of a young woman's rise to fame, her struggle with addiction, and the sacrifices that were made to get there.

#5 Lover’s Remorse

I reached an unfortunate conclusion that my girl was never really in love with me.  I wished I could return my love and get my time & energy back.

#6 Lost Soul

I let out years of built-up frustration trying to finally be at peace with saying goodbye to the woman I love and was with for almost 4 years.

#7 The Great Depression

I realize that most of my music pertains to my toxic relationship.  This song discusses my will to change material and put her behind me.

#8 The Letter

When I heard this instrumental, I immediately started to think of the classic song with the same name, ‘The Letter’ by The Box Tops.  This rendition combines the older song with a ‘Walk the Line’ melod.

#9 Losing My Addiction

This one is my acoustic version of the classic hit ‘Losing My Religion‘ by REM.  It’s arguably the saddest and most emotional melancholy ballad I’ve done.